No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-05-24 15:52:36 (UTC)

Why do i feel the way i do?

Why Do I Feel The Way I Do

Why do I feel the way I do?
I had my chance to be with you.

I want you back
You say you want me to
But why do I feel the way I do?

I'm happy when your here,
Sad when your gone,
Are my feelings really so wrong?

Is it ok to be sad over you?
Is that something I'm allowed to do?

I'm scared and afraid,
I don't want to push you away.
Is that the price that I have paid?

I want to be with you,
For you to be with me,
But I want our friendship too.

Is that to much to ask?
Is that an impossible task?

I dont know what to do,
Maybe I should forget about you.
But that is something I will never do.

Why do I feel the way I do?
Why can't things just be perfect with you?

~Ashley Bott

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