2002-05-24 15:45:17 (UTC)

Kick Ass.

One of these stupid online diaries works at school. Too
bad noone will get to read my wonderful bullshit thoughts
at school. All day long people have been talking about
everyone else. I mean, I have too but it just sucks because
like Megan Rowe, as much as I don't like talking about
people, is really pissing me off. It's horrible. Every
single day she fights with Mike about what they are going
to do to each others cars. It is the dumbest thing ever and
I sit inbetween them. That and then she talks about how
Claudia is dressed like a whore. What the hell? She's
pretty much covered up and Megan has worn skirts just as
short. It's dumb. Amy keeps wearing all these like goth
clothes to impress Kris. It's dumb too. I am hoping to see
Matt tonight, Chris tomorrow, and maybe Tom on Sunday. Im
kinda pissed cause he's not here today :-(. So I guess I
won't see him since I can't be like "Hey here's my number
let's hang out." Oh well. {Chris carver has to be one of
the hottest guys in the school plus he is cool becuz he
really doens't have any opinions on what Social Calsses
people are from. He doens't care whoyou hang out with or
where you coe,m from Just how yo8u treat hgim at any given
moment. PLus if you give him head he'll be pretty
happy!!}Chris wrote that. {SO HOTT!}

{End Of Entry, Feeling gossipy}