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2002-05-24 14:59:05 (UTC)

Mustard shit

Hey...Im actually here still.
Anyaways, Im still kinda new at this fatherhood deal, so Im
just asking if any of you parents out there can describe
your babies shit. Heeeeeee That right I wanna compare feces!
Ive never babysat before, nor had a younger sibling so im
wasnt quite sure what to expect the first few months of a
new baby who only drinks breast milk.
I always though "brown" was the color of shit (of course I
do remember a time when I had a really high fever and the
flu for 3 days when my shit was green..bet you wanted to
know that)
So....My daughters shit has been YELLOW for the past 4 months
Just like mustard! Its amazing and it doesnt gross me out
like one might expecr when handeling shit...I just think its
mustard...its weird folks.
So this is what happens to all babies? At least until they
get some more variety in their diet?
Fuct if I know