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2002-05-24 14:22:27 (UTC)


I need to let you know something. I put all I've got into
everything I do. Whether its work, playing sports or
relationships, I don't want to get cheated. That way,
nobody can say that I didn't get as much out of it as I
could've. At work now though, I seem to have come to a
point where I don't know how much more I can improve. At
sports, well sports are fun for me coz its more like
playing than actual work. At relationships, I don't know,
it just depends on the other person whether they think I
need to improve or not. Giving it all I got and then
hoping they do the same. People say that, if you look so
hard for love then you never really find it. Real love
happens when you're not looking for it. I don't know if
thats what happened here, but sometimes it sure feels like
it. I slept good last night, but when I woke up his
morning, I was kinda feeling down. I think a need to take
a long shower or maybe even a bath, hmmmmm. Me and Nick
are going to do something today. Go out to eat or
something. We talked about going to that softball game,
but I don't know, it might rain tonight. Maybe I'll try to
talk him into seeing Star Wars. Well, I guess thats it.
I'm trying to think of more to say, but nothing sounds
good. So, I think I'll keep them for another day. Right
now, I just hope I only have good things to say in the
future. If not, then I probably will quit writing in this
diary. I'm crossing my fingers though. OK, thats it.
Take care, BYE!!!