Jena's Rants
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2001-06-11 13:33:27 (UTC)

Would you like paper or plastic??

I's gotsta give props where props is due. Big up to my
homies -King Herbage and Mr. Rampant Philosophies for
bagging chicks over the weekend. Glad to know they got
their swerve on. I can'ts be forgetin' to hook up my boyz
from around da way - Hopinononefoot, Mr. Police Brutality,
and Boy who Works in Ghetto Store for putting up one badass
fight to kick the shiznet out of those fake ass punks who
stole they beer loot. Yo, that shit be beat. Oh, and I
gotsta start some beef wit dat fake ass fool - Mr. I Drive
a Flashy Car b/c I have no Self-Esteem. Yo, that shit be
mad fake what you did yo. You can't be watchin' your
homies get the beat down and just be standin' around wit
some dick up yo' ass fool! Shit yo, if I wasn't no girl
I'd whoop you ass nigga.