female Christian Internet-addict

Codename: Hannah
2001-06-11 13:14:52 (UTC)

I have a new name, too...

Well, well, I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff lately,
but didn’t have time to write at all...
I’ve been studying for school, working at my new job and,
of course, wasted way to much time online ;-) Really,
anyone interested on starting “Internet addicts anonymous”
or something??
Yeah right, like anybody would be reading this...
If you are, let me know, don’t know, if I’ll write back,
but - let me know, okay?

On Thursday I’m going on a trip to France with my History
course, should be fun!
That’s another thing I was thinking about, I will go with a
group of people and - for the second time in my life, have
people around me that like me and will ask me to walk or
sit with them!
Last week that happened, too. I was in class and this girl
looked at me and asked me if I wanted to sit with her, I
was soo amazed! I don’t think that had ever really
happened to me before I went to the US, I don’t think...
Except with B., who doesn’t really count because that was
before puberty struck me *g*
Oh yeah, US... yesterday it was a year that I’ve been home.
Sometimes it seems like I was never gone, then again, so
much has changed! My friends and I sometimes measure time
in before and after US...
Yesterday I was reading the very first e-mail I got from my
host dad and smiled at what he talked about. So much of
what he suggested and hoped came true and I totally know
that it didn’t happen by accident, trust me!
Now that I think back, I remember how scared I was of going
back to Germany. In the US I had so many friends and was so
afraid of not being accepted and falling back into that big
ugly hole of depression, self consciousness and losing my
starting relationship with God.
But look at me, I made it!
I’m successful at school, have lots of friends and I’m
still a Christian.
I know, I’ve been a slacker about quiet time and stuff and
feel bad about it, but in my present environment, I
consider it to be good that I still go to church :-)

Yeah, life’s been treating me good so far, I shouldn’t
complain, so I won’t. I feel like it a lot, but right now,
I’m not up to writing thoughtful journal entries, so, hope
you don’t mind.

God bless you!