Jena's Rants
2001-06-11 12:51:16 (UTC)

One fresh brain, coming right up!

Geez, where did this weekend go??? Well let's see.....oh
yes i vaugly remember Friday. I think I went someplace
with The Twisted Sister and then went to the bar and got wasted.
Oh, and I remember smoking an awesome bowl of hydro that some guy
gave me at the bar. Yummmmm, HYDRO! Saturday - drunk by
12pm, spent 9pm - 6am at Starscape. It was fabulous! Saw
so many old friends and got to make a lot of new friends
too. Happy times! Yesterday Hopinononefoot came home. Jen had her
birthday party. Finally got to see Hopinononefoot, oh how i missed
him. It feels so good to see someone after you haven't for
a while. Makes you feel all warm and tingly inside - kinda
like heroin. Just fucking around, geez - get a sense of
homour. Had my tarot cards read, and well they pretty much
told me what I already know. I have no sense of balance, I
need to find temperance, and I have lots of obstacles in my
way. Oh yeah, give me some more motivation why don't you.
Note to self: Self you spend way too much fucking money!
Oh, sometimes I just don't know how in the heck i will get
through this life before i must take action against the
powers that be. I think it may be best for me to just
seperate myself from society, start a commune up in the
mountains, and then take on a bunch of cult followers -
claim my area as religious sanctuary, follow for tax
exemption, start secret laboratory tests to make the most amazing
LSD ever concocted, and then put it into the water supply
of every major city in the US, then Europe, Africa, every
continent, I dunno - until I become the leader of the
world. Then I will give people a set of rules on a tie-
dyed t-shirt. They should wear the shirt or put it on
their wall. It will say:

* Don't hurt people,animals,or anything else, it's not nice
and it's real bad karma.
* Share your drugs, it's good karma.
* Balance your day with work and play. If you don't toil
in the crud, you can't smoke your bud.
* Clean up after yourself, really think about the messiest
person you know - would you want to clean up after them?
NO?! Well don't expect them to clean up after you then.
* Be free with your emotions, but think before you act.
* Don't litter, it's your home.
* Let your artistic nature flow, whatever it may be - it
will be a release for you and others can enjoy it as well.
* Give love freely, just not too freely.
* Remember Jena loves you.

Yeah, that works. If i thought of other things or if
people wanted to make amendments then we could just make
newshirts of issue out pants or socks with new rules or
something. I don't know where this is going. I'm outta