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2002-05-24 05:27:34 (UTC)

Thursday I am strong - but enemies must be shown

Thursday night I was near from my friend Mel. She was with
her friends. Those girls. Later came other people. Those
false friends. Boys that like to get party and like to lie
to get things. They do not mind about lying to girls.
It is not fair but they have that culture. They would be
my enemies if they would be corageous. They are only
cowards. In August 2001 some of that people lied to Mel.
They spoke lies about her friends and me to get her. And
he says he is innocent. He is hypocrisys.
I will tell her that I hate those people. She believes they
do not like her. Because I show her another day that he
beats and lie and blame her and her friends. But she is
the innocent people and can not understand whay some people
that made promisses and kissed her could be so tough. Well
when I found some tough people like him I pass to hate.
Hate is not a anger but would be. It is like Love but to
defend against enemies and false friends.
Better days for who deserved to be. My friends. And I hope
people who take female pet dog and thought to sell it
because it was beautifull they would apologize. And they
get house for two pet dogs instead of thinking in sell it.
They are hypocrisys too. I think all that people that have
made mistakes in past and have weight conscience makes worst
things to try to forget or forgive themselves. They would
face themselves or let it go.
It to be smart and intelligent woul make me rich I would be
Bill Gates. And I could show good examples for my truly
friends. Well if I have not gold then I give them heart.
If I am proud to do not receive prizes I deserved to have
a love.
I have a dream that I was in future trying to solve some
vilains that changed future. I could control the fire like
them and there were many people like zoombie fighting
against my team. I think it is because my cold flush did not
Days of paradise in streets of my home town. I do not visit
people in their house because most people are proud and
not fair with themselves and lives in illusion of days.
The sun crosses the skies but days do not pass neither they
are new.