sheesh ya fuck
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2002-05-24 07:47:08 (UTC)

dirty snattches

who are you now? make it short and simple the clock
is screaming in our ears while my blood is dripping down
these halls.they are wrong maybe they are maybe they are
soo right. bring on the shame splinter me up again ive
been ready since the last time i came. i feel the sneaking
i hear the creaking you fucking veigns wont
sleep.insanity crawling all over my flesh a litter looking
for a cold empty place.where do we go?its rattling telling
me things beneath the plastic sheets of incoherence. i
cant beleive you lost the key to the one room that you
were always entering. i feel myself falling after i hit
the ground..smiles above me..euphoric beings.. their dirty
grins will trample my senses, as i drip towards two
different sounds. SHUT [email protected]!! ASSGFOLE I FIucking hate you
y;our dirty sicfk bitch i want to die i can and you cant
question this you cant cuz im free in this im flying.

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