Queen Bee

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2002-05-24 07:06:16 (UTC)

Happy birthday to me.

18 years ago, i was born. happy birthday to me. may 24th
1984. its midnight 01. so i am technically 18 years old.
yeah. and this year, i actually look forward to getting
older cuz i have people to share it with. im actually
happy. i have good friends, and a fiance whom i love with
all my heart and its jsut great. im healthy, for the most
part and its great and getting older means im getting
closer to spending the rest of my life with the guy i love.
its great. i am actually happy. it has been so long since i
have been happy. im trying to accept myself more everyday
and some days are harder than others but i think everyday
is a step towards accepting myself for who i am because i
ahve the love of friends and i could not be happier.