ahoy hoy
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2002-05-24 06:26:09 (UTC)


well i have nothing interesting to say nor do i really have
neat storie not that i ever really do,( place ignore the
spelling and grammar its worst than usual because am not
chheking it today at all , not that i ever really do but
today is going to be worst than usually)

hmm i went to the mall on tuesday it was ok i guess but
this bitch at a store keeped on giving me these crazy looks
so i got angry and as i was walking out the store i made
it look like i accidently shouldered a rack of clthing, all
the hsit went to the ground, i just opps, and walked away.
i guess i made it look real enoght to be an accidet i
started laughting my sister just nodded her head.

she made me really angry but i felt a lot beter after i
the "accident"(hahahaha). got some cds and a pair of jean
thats about it. i still havent gotten ajob i really need
to. i have been procrastinating like a son of a bitch. i
mean it . i need to get my ass in gear, am totally
starting tomorrow. am getting off my dat ass an am going
to start to seriously start looking for a job, not that i
havent i just havent been putting to much effort into it
thats all. but hey whatever thats changing. tomorrow, am
actually tired of not doing any type of work.

psycho groupie cocaine crazy sorry listening to music, lol
ok am bored i dont want to type any more and i dont feel
like sharing any more so there you go *wink*