Theories, Thoughts, & What Ifs
2001-06-11 12:09:29 (UTC)

My Grandparents

Went to dinner tonight with my grandparents, a visiting
aunt, my BF, and my sister. I looked through the eyes of a
third person and I was quite speechless. Here I am having a
birthday dinner for my Grandmother, the same person who
hasn`t eaten out in over five years.

I`m watching them eat and the harshness of reality strikes
me. Grandma and Grandpa are frail. I can see their
sun-kissed, wind beaten hands holding their chopsticks with
such precision. The way they bring their food to their lips,
smaller bites than what I remember. A powerful serenity
about them, two people who have lived a glorious life.

Time has been very good to them... And yet, it will be this
`Time' that will be cruel and take them away from me. To
some, it`s not cruel, it`s just a part of life. I guess I
haven`t been able to accept that, maybe I don`t want to.