Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2002-05-24 05:44:47 (UTC)

Guess who's back?

Not sure when I last wrote in's been a few
months. Haven't even bothered to look at those old entries
yet. Will do soon. I'm that masochistic.

Have things changed? Not sure, though I'm sure I have.
Always changing..keep on moving I do. Still single, yes.
Lately I've been bumping into a lot of exes, Dd, Cg, Db,
even Jc ew. I'm sure I've changed somewhat because I
haven't wound up in bed with any of them. Cg was the last
and that was in December when I'm sure I was still keeping
up to date here.

Work is good. Finally got a raise, it's been a year there
now. Working long hours, but getting plenty of time off.
Took last weekend, the holiday, off to go camping with a
bunch of friends a little south from here. It was a good
crazy and fun weekend. Very cold. It snowed. Snowed in

Tried to keep a little offline diary on my laptop for
awhile..thought I'd take some time off from broadcasting my
thoughts to all you innocent folk but decided I prefer to
know that someone is reading this and wondering who I
really am. Do you ever wonder if you know me? People who
know me do, I'm sure.

So this is basically my landing point and we'll see where
it takes me. I think I need to start writing a little bit
each day, either here, on my laptop or on a piece of paper.
Hoping to get back into reading again, just started The Red
Tent yesterday. Planning a garden for the summer.