Matt's Sex Journal
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2002-05-24 05:10:13 (UTC)

May 22, 2002

Today was another fairly uneventful day. Ben tried to wake
me up at like 10 to help wash his car, but I said I was
sick and he left. Then Eric called me at 12:30 and we went
to lunch around 1. We decided to go to Chili's. We just
caught each other up on what happened to us in the past few
months while I was at school. The food wasn't too bad, and
the waitress was pretty hot.

After that I just played Spider-Man on X-Box for about 2
hours. I've already beaten the game, but I'm playing it
again on a harder setting. It's not nearly as easy this
time around. I've tried this one level like 20 times.

Tonight was dinner with Grandpa Vern, like every Thursday.
Swiss steak wasn't too bad. Mom keeps making me do all the
dirty work with her. I'm in college, not a fucking

Now I'm watching South Park, waiting for Andre and Ben to
call me. Tomorrow I have an interview for a movie survey
job at the mall.

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