Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-06-11 10:13:17 (UTC)

Dont bother?

This is all stolen from a letter I wrote earlyer after
spending a few hours speaking with someone who knows and
understands me and what all I think about this jorney
called life. I only put it up now to confuse you and mabe
score some hate mail or thoughts to make me think longer on
these seemingly endless topics.

Somtimes I really feel cursed with knowledge cause Ive seen
and lived and learned so much over the past ten years and
heres the trick is you gotta look at every thing look hard
and study it,War farming money hate love every thing under
the sun and beyond.You just gotta try to grasp it all and
some day itll all come together.
You really should score that book and spend some time
tripping on it.
Heres the trip man is on a jorney as a whole as strange as
it sound
we all seem to have our own personal agendas but no were
all on the same jorney. It starts 10,000 years ago in the
fertile cresent with somthing refered to as tolitarian
agriculture.Have you every heard the term pre-history
when you hit collage they speak on it.man raomed the earth
for about 3 million years just fine in perfect harmony with
Theres laws like gravity and physcis that apply to life
also and any life surviving on this planet.things that
apply to animals, in our minds and we tend to think were so
evolved that they dont effect us.
Have you ever heard the term savage jungle.they refer to
the jungle as a savage place.but its really a well oiled
machine a perfect balance
and would survive for a billion years as is.Its all checks
and balance.
10,000 years ago one culture of man steped up and became
gods or at least decided to play god. Remember ten thousand
years ago was oh six thousand years before the old
testament.and a few thousand years before
the oldest japenesse religions started.before the gods wow
sonds insane huh.Its about how the world came to be how man
came, this culture came to be.
Im shure you think this culture? this what american
No darlin he breaks it down to two cultures the takers and
the leavers.
thats all usa china france almost the whole world is on the
same conquest.
And the truth of it is we gotta control all, every aspect
Im talking about the weather the crops everything life and
death. the curent of the mighty sea. And its a race against
every mans enemy "time"
Or we all die!
you know if I could kill every person on this earth every
single one I would Im not talking about war or school
shootings or any of that I hate that stuff. just every
person myself my loved ones friends and the two loves of my
life included, I would in a heart beat, for the good of
I belive in evolution 100% thats not to say there isnt a
god there might be and hes just letting it play out.Alls
evolution says if survivial of the fittest meaning.If your
speices is equiped itll survive.
what do you know of penguins? well they live in the ice
right swim in the coldest water its unreal. but on the
equator theres Islands penguins also live there same bird
except their feathers are thin and lighter to cope with the
climate. they adapted to there suroundings. After
generations and generations.
All this is really short and quick but its just to say look
at the facts of the world. Study it all things big and
small all the answers are right here. And take everything
you see and know and can find out and decide for your self
how you wanna live and really only then can you be happy
with who you are.
OK score the book ISHMAEL by DANIELLE QUINN its a good
start on getting some answers if you dont like, move on but
after all this time everythig seems to lead me back to it.
OK this is probly the most insane letter youve ever
recived from me
this I know, just read it once and save a copy some where
and some day hopfully you will be able to go into great
detial about all Ive said and
have a full understanding of it . even if you choose not to
belive any of it.
This is really all just cause I wanna discuss the conflicts
in my head with you. Its actully more then that its just
its out there and the info is out there and I hope you
shall have a better understanding of all you see thats why
I mentioned it in the first place days ago. but tonight I
wish I could ask you for advice or just an understanding
about the path I think Im chooseing. I used to think id
just push the info and let the world decide or as the man
said let others make there own choice about it but I fear
the confusion of the world and the loss of hope and
care amongst the masses will lead them to not choose at all.
Or theyll just continue to do as they do.
Theres the old thought that says if you can beat em, join
Wow I never thought Id be here thinking any of this but
mabe its the only true way to save the human race?
Is that by far the most insane thing youve ever
heard.like I said read it once and just keep it somewhere
and in a few years or somthing well look back and laugh
about it when you get it.

By joining them I mean against mans mortal enemy the earth
and the quest to conquer it and every aspect of it.
Its a complete catch 22 girly.
One last thought I dont belive in any of it Id perfer to
live with in the laws of community and in peace with the
earth and all things but hey this jorney started long
before any of us and I fear theres no way to reverse the
effects of mother culture!!!!!!
with endless love and respect
Your boy spitfire
I only end with the classic spitfire cause I think Ill set
it to the masses on the jornal

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