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2002-05-24 02:52:19 (UTC)

Ramones tribute album

Are you excited? I know I am.
Here's a little info on a tribute to one of the best bands
We can thank Rob Zombie for putting this whole thing
together. Suspected contributors are as follows: Marilyn
Manson, Billy Corgan, Green Day, Motorhead, Rancid, Red Hot
Chili Peppers, The Offspring, Metallica and Eddie Vedder.

And on this note i'll leave you with a couple quotes.

"It's four guys in leather jackets and jeans. They could
look so dated now, but they don't. They still look cool,
they still sound cool. There's something so simple about
it. It's like when you see early Elvis or Mickey Mouse or
anything that's just so simple that it seems so timeless. I
don't know what inspired those four guys at that moment,
but I never get sick of listening to them, whereas most
stuff from that time period makes me nauseous." - Rob Zombie

"World out of control on the evening news
We're all screwed up and psychologically bruised
Kids killing kids make society pay
Just blow up your school and have a nice day
Reality today's much stranger than fiction
A sick fuckin' world with a violent affliction
It really, really bugs me
And it really fuckin' kills me
Live your life to the fullest and fuck everything"
-Joey Ramone (from the song Venting, on his solo album
Don't Worry About Me)

Rock On!

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