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2002-05-24 01:33:24 (UTC)

First Entry

Should I say something interesting to get everyone's
attention? Sorry. I can't think of anything. I'm pretty
sure this is going to stay private anyways. I have really
bad presuure in my head. Oh well. I think that Nate likes
me even more than I know he does. I think Chad likes me. I
think James likes me. I want Adam or Kromer or Chris to
like me. I don't even know about Adam. I don't want to do
that whole employee thing again, plus he's really short and
he hasn't had barely any interest at all. If he emails me
it will be better. I'm going to miss Jeremiah. I was
supposed to visit him tonight. I'll have to go in on
Saturday to get his email address. I really do want to keep
in touch with him. I mean yea, I like him but it will be
hard once he leaves to Toledo. I don't know why I bother
writing this in a "private" diary. Im going to end up
showing this P.O.S to someone anyways. The way I talk
about guys makes me sound like a slut but it really is
confusing. I mean I like these guys but I'm so terrified of
being hurt it's horrible. Chad and Kris and Trish all
talked to me about Kris and Trish, and it is really
confusing trying to give them advice. I think I am going to
leave it at that. It would be nice to cut but I already
have marks to get rid of.
{End of entry, Feeling confused}

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