Reality Bites
2002-05-24 00:45:08 (UTC)

Wow it's been awhile

Wow, i haven't written since like last July and it's almost
June, it's been a while i guess. Okay so here's what's
happened in my life. I dated a guy named Danny for about 3
months and nothing really happened, he was really shy and i
broke up with him - now he doesn't talk to me at all. I
actually had a dream last night that he actually talked to
me when we were at school, it was weird. But anyways, now
i'm dating Cody, i met him through my best friend joelle
and we were friends at first, but now he's like the best
boyfriend i could imagine having. I would've never thought
so, but it's true. And he turned out to be my first kiss
thank you very much. He's cute and funny, amazing how the
people u least expect to like turns out to be the best one
you could've picked. Okay well i'm done now.