Finding my Light
2002-05-24 00:13:38 (UTC)

Just A Sweet Day

Oh my goodness I can't believe the mood I'm in! I am
totally happy and I have no clue. I think because it was
sunny outside is the reason why I'm on cloud nine. I love
the sun. Just knowing when I wake up in the morning that
it's going to be a nice sunny day automatically puts me in
a great mood for the day.
Everything with my friends is going good also. My
buddie Justin might get back with his former girlfriend who
is a total sweetie. I'm really happy for him about that.
Also my former boyfriend (who is a real jerk) got his truck
taken away so that just added to my happiness.
I can't wait till summer though. It's going to be
crackin! I'm going to get so-o dark. Oh it's going to be
on with the guys. Also this summer all my friends will
have a car and can drive so that is great also. My groove
will be on this summer and no one is going to stop me from
having my fun this time. I'm not going to have a boyfriend
for this summer so I won't have any guilt trips when I'm
out workin it with a guy.

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