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2001-06-11 07:18:23 (UTC)

fucked up night.

i smoked weed tonight.
i did.
i smoked weed.
im going through some crazy shit i guess.
i havent done that in a year and 6 months.
this is crazy.
i had sex with my bestfriend tonight.
im scared now though.
im scared that because we had sex hes going to feel dirty
or something every time that he sees me. and im really
worried about it. because i love him so much. like so so
much. andi dont want him to feel dirty or used or any type
of weirdness around me
i feel weird.
like, i dont know where i stand now or something.
and the fact that i lost my schedule for work sucks too.
so now i dont know when i work next, which isnt a good
i had sex.
i had sex with my bestfriend.
i want to have sex again. lol.
i have issues.
i feel bad.
but i still want to have sex.
im getting really tired now. i think im going to sleep. i
fucked and smoked weed.
very strange night.