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life of a porn star
2002-05-23 22:16:51 (UTC)

senior year is over

today was my last day of classes, so last night we went to
school to do our senior prank- we are a small all girs
school so we don d a big thing. but we made a sign that
said the class of 2002 is busting out and we put bras in
the trees and bushes. then we tied string all over the
faculty parking lot so no one cold pull in. then we broke
into the school and tp'ed the halls- it was totally cheesy
bt we al bonded whaile doing it. then today was the last dy
and we had a breakfast and sighned yearbooks all day long.
im so glad i went to this school because i hae become such
a better person because of it. we are all very close and we
have so much fun. my graduation is next weekend and i am
going to cry so hard lol. oh well then i will be of to