2002-05-23 18:18:06 (UTC)

Roy and Me: Sixteen Years later, Maybe

I am sorry I have not updated in a while. However,
this is the way it goes. I spend most of my time
over at my xanga site which is which is my adoptive name.
or's/ ok.

Roy and I have been talking and all. We still find we love each other and maybe just maybe the Lord
is bringing us back together.

He just came back from Afganistan and all. See,
the state of Va destroyed our marriage and our family, and perhaps, the Lord does work in mysterious ways.

Rebecca, our daughter is coming in for a visit.
I am going to Iowa to pick her up on June 18.

Still I have to think of both Frank and Honeybear.
I can not marry outside the church. I will lose
my right to take Eucharist.

We shall see what transpires and all.
I will never ever leave Chicago again, unless it
is to go see Rebecca in Iowa.