2002-05-23 17:57:54 (UTC)


i have all my grades in and i kicked major ass this
semester....and im taking 19 credits!! i rule!

Accounting B (arrgh,i could've done better in acc)
Calculus A (love calc)
Spanish A (spanish my 1st love)
Asian History A (hate history..dont know how i got the A)
Management A- (love mgt)
Literature A- (satire class sucked...i must've did good
on the final, cuz this was my worst class ever..what a rude
ass old bastard..he's about 95 years old..and he's one
grumpy old man)

yah!!!!!!!!! it feels so good...all the 3 am studying went
to good use! and it does feel like sweet payoff in the end
of the, next semester i'll have to work
TRIPLE times harder, because i have 5 finance/management
major a double major...arrgh...lots of work.
can't wait for is graduation for the
class of '02. it's in 2 they went through so
much shit this year..the whole 9/11 thing....i congratulate
all of them, because i know how hard they worked to get
where they are today.