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2002-05-23 16:51:40 (UTC)

Long Beach Pride & Playing Sick

Well, I got my zebra interior just in time to drive us
to pride! Laura and I went together, without Miriam (Miriam
never returned any of my calls about picking her up, so we
just left without her). It turned out that Miriam decided
to go with her girlfriend. Miriam's kind of a flake like
that. But Laura and I had plenty of fun without her. We got
to check i.d.'s and be security guards too (checking bags).
Laura got some guy busted for pot, and I felt so bad. I
totally would've let him through, I'm not sure why she
stopped him. I guess she was just doing her job, but I
would find it hard to do that, being a pot-smoker myself.
After we were done volunteering, we sat under a tree and
drank. I only had a couple of margaritas because I wanted
to be totally sober by the time we had to drive home. Laura
had a few beers. The margaritas were actually very strong,
so Laura and I were drunk, not just buzzed. I wanted to
confess to her that I 'used' to have a crush on her (but
since I still do, I didn't know how to word it, and I
couldn't lie and say I'm over it). I guess all the happy
kissing lesbians inspired me to tell the truth. But then my
common sense inspired me to shut the hell up. These nice
guys came over and asked for a light, and then proceeded to
smoke us out (funny, they smoked out the bag checkers). So
at that point we were drunk and stoned, and we decided to
go get our nipples pierced together...but we didn't. :)
Instead we cuddled on the grass at the big stage, where
some really good singer was, well, singing...I loved being
there with her. I held her hand on the way back to the
parking lot, just as friends of course. For me, it was
partly because we couldn't walk entirely too well, partly
because I didn't want to lose her, and partly because I
just wanted to touch her. She probably just thought I
didn't want to lose her. I don't.
Monday and Tuesday I played sick and stayed home from
work, because I fucking hate it so much. I have a lot of
paid sick days, so I figured, why the hell not? Today is
Thursday, and I'm so glad the weekend is coming. It's a 3
day weekend too! Memorial day, I think. Yay! A 4 day
weekend followed by a 3 day weekend. Jeff cut my hours a
lot at Nata'le, because there's some girl who really wants
more hours, and I don't mind having less (I start school on
Tuesday). So at least when I start school, I'll have more
time on the weekend.
felt good, bye!

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