Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2002-05-23 16:01:13 (UTC)

Romantic Unfettered Allusions...

Sweet dreams?

What does one mean when one says that anyways?
One thought that comes to mind, is "have a nice dream, try
to think of the positive things in life and be happy". Another
thought that comes to mind is one of self interest, "Sweet
Dreams, think of me, imagine I am there beside you, drawing
my hands down the length of your smoth skin. Kissing you
gently from your lashes to your toes, touching, breathing in
every ounce of your luscious being. Tasting that ambrosia that
many seek but few are ever allowed to enjoy, oh the orgasmic
flow, never would I treat it lightly, but we would dance, heaving
and breathing in an unwavering heat unlike any other".

And on and on in that vein....

So, I was wandering around in the Gothic Personals, and I
find two or three women whom interested me. So, in my
whimiscal fashion and daring boldness, I replied to them.

One From the West, who seemed interesting, rather ecclectic
and wonderously Gothic. I've yet to hear from her, perhaps
this diary and my own entry within the confines of the
Personal ad were perhaps a little dull or not at all the kind of
response she is interested in.

Ah well....

Another one from the near eastern side of our fair country.
French no doubt, very sweet, and though I know not much
about her, I am sure and hope to get to know her better.

One a fair maiden by the sea, who's poetic entry sang to me
like stars in the night sky. Very beautiful, her picture was/is.
Seems to be the poetic, romantic, and absolutely sensual
woman I seek, almost perfect.

What is perfect? Do I even seek perfection? No, I think not.
Perfect is an illusion perpetrated on the masses into a belief
not thier own. No is perfect, but is not perfection only in the
minds eye? Is it not only what one percieves?

BAH! I am certainly far from anything resembling it. But at the very least
I am trying to improve upon myself. First things first, lose some of
these extra pounds of mine. Starting next week, I am entering a
7 month fitness plan, Kung Fu & Tai Chi monday through thursday.
Saturday and sunday I go to the gym and work out for 2 hours, jog
3 to 5 laps, and colapse in a heap on my futon. And as long as summer
is here I can bike everywhere I need to go, no more bussing for me.
And as they say... Walking aint crowded...

But who knows, perhaps I am being harsh with
myself, my own flaws at times seem to come out when I am in
most need of self confidence. Paranoia and Confidence, hmm, funny
that seems to remind me of something, can't quite remember though.

Hmm, strange the little things that come to mind....

Perhaps it will come to me...

We shall see....