Exposing My Dystopia
2002-05-23 15:42:02 (UTC)

over n done

well mark and i have been no longer an item for hm... maybe
almost 3 weeks. yea. i kinda miss him but i wont ever go
back out with him. i think its just that i miss having
someone thatz alwayz there for me. i still have my friendz
tho and theyre pretty good about takin kare of me. im kinda
the babi out of all of my friendz cuz im still only 14 and
most of them are 16 17 18 and some are older. um... older.
for instance mike. hez 23. me and him are trying to make
plans next week. im on the phone with kristy shez like
ooohh im so sad about everything n im like kristy i love
you dun worri about skewl. shez kallin from her cellphone
from the middle of town. yep yep. well life iz ok. aroo. i
luv u.