a watercolour stain
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2002-05-23 15:10:56 (UTC)

everything's eventual

i just finished reading stephen king's latest- everything's
eventual. it's 14 short stories. overall a very good
read. :) there was only one that i wasn't really into. i
think i might have to get a copy of it for myself.

last night i talked with wayne on the computer. he tells
me we should be moving by the end of june, maybe sooner.
perhaps all isn't lost after all. he was working until 5am
and then started work again at 7am. he was working through
like that because he was taking his wife to a concert
tonight. how come he can do that but some people can't?

the kids get out of school soon. the last day of may i
think. i'm hoping they get to come visit for a bit. and
i'm planning on taking them to the zoo. i haven't been to
the zoo in forever. i'm sure we'll have a blast. lions
and tigers and bears oh my! :)

~V stardust
*content for the time being*