Meshed Up
2002-05-23 12:15:36 (UTC)


sometimes it is nicer to just let go.

it's raining, the sky is starless.

i feel like climbing onto bed and losing myself in
sandman's realm. slept like a baby last night...although i
wish i slept earlier, or perhaps, woke up later. sleep is

i find myself at night when i sit in front of this screen
and feel these keys. my soul is searched and perhaps

my eyes sting. must be from the water and the lack of
sleep. things are hardly ever what they seem.

glass. difficult to scratch but easily broken. perhaps i am
glass. hardly show scars but i get broken

i don't wanna be glass anymore. i would rather be metal.
easily scratched but very difficult to break. but metal is
so coarse. glass beautiful.

no i'm not depressed. just...resigned...and sleepy.

my mind's awake but my eyes aren't. will i ever find myself?

gotta get back to studying. at least, i'll try to.