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2002-05-23 06:38:27 (UTC)

Mel and Carol - and my days

Wednesday night I saw Carol and Mel were talking. Even they
was discussing they are still friends.
I was in uptown and got some place to offer the books next
week. This week I will make a marketing and advertising campaign.
Older provider of those books was not a friend. But some people
corrupted by easy money. Maybe he learnt some thing about
being honest. Or about to have more friends. He only has a wife
and a job and this thing of seasonal books for govern public
Today I will show myself and ignore all enemies. They would take
a breath of cold wind and their little black heart can not warm
Thursday morning and there is some clouds in sky. Maybe a cold
morning of Autumn. Pet dog plays with till it could eat some
dog food. It likes meat instead of food dog.
Better days for all my friends and like me I hope they could
see truth. I heal my sight and now I can cleary see who is friend
and who was not.
I watched that comics based movie Spiderman. Some schemes like
that of Peter and Jane made my eyes to be wet. Some tough boys
spoke that some people really cried. Fool those tough boys that
could not cry after saw some people like them. The nerd Peter Parker.
A people like every truly people is. Kind in heart and weak to
face all the false friends in life. Because he has not time to waste
with them. I liked that poem he said to her. About her eyes and
what she means for her.
I will save the world today and it will be good for people I love.