more human than human
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2002-05-23 04:00:33 (UTC)

Its Your Fault I Miss You

No Commitments

I hate you for the way you kissed me
I hate you for treating me well
Cuz not I miss all the attention
Now I feel like I'm in hell

I hate you for the way you held me
So close to you throughout the night
I hate you for the way you loved me
Now nothing ever feels right

Chorus: After so long
Of being "yours"
It went no where
And I got bored
Now I'm single
Broken and bent
Want attention
No commitment

I miss the way you'd smile
While I'd watch you work
Now you don't call me
Now you're a jerk


Its seems all I want now
Is what I at one point had
But without all the ties
And not nearly as bad


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