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2002-05-23 03:59:39 (UTC)

Winding Down...

Today was our last day of classes... well, for me at least,
since I had to finish up finals (physics and econ).
Physics I'm a little nervous about (i really want a "B"),
cuz I'm not sure how I did on the final. Actually, I'm
nervous about Econ too, even though I know I did well on
the final, since Doc told me I set the curve, because I
needed to bring my grade up 2 points for an "A", which
would be really awesome. I didn't pull my "C" in Calc, but
I did manage to pass (72), which is better than everyone
was expecting, and Anatomy I have an 85 ( i think).

Right before the bell rang in Econ today, it finally hit us
that this was it, this was the end. And I'm starting to
realize it more, but it's still not really sinking in. I'm
not so sure about this whole "growing up" thing.

Last Friday was the Senior picnic and Carol's party. The
senior picnic was relatively fun... I got horribly
sunburnt, of course. Carol's party was fun, but we were
all really tired, and there was sort of a meloncholy "this
is one of the last times we'll all be together" undertone.
But of course we still had a blast... i plan on making a
page of all the inadvertantly funny things we said.

Hung out with Mere and Katie Saturday night, after getting
my hair cut 15 inches. Which wasn't as traumatic as I
though it'd be. I cried afterwards, but it ticked me off
that I did. I really like it, but I can't decide whether
to grow it back out or not. At any rate, it's really cute
and perky and frames my face, and I think it was worth it
solely for shock value... and my grandparents don't know
yet, so they'll be surprised when they come tomorrow for
graduation. Anyways, Mere, Katie, Agnes and I are going to
Destin for a few days after graduation (we bought cups)
which I'm excited about.

Graduation practice tomorrow morning, and graduation tomorrow night.
I still need to find something to wear. Then Parker's party. And
that's the end of high school, the final, final end.