The Daily Babble
2001-06-11 02:55:40 (UTC)

Another day...Another entry...

Yet another busy busy day...I slept late =-)...but I
finally took Jay to get his hair cut...went shopping for
more wedding stuff and then me and my sister finished
decorating the baskets and I must say they came out really

Jeff and I talked in the afternoon...we had a really good
conversation for about a half hour before wew decided to
get going. I'm really looking forward to Wednesday, I hope
these next two days go by fast! We've been planning in our
heads...We'll have some alone time, and have a picnic,
hopefully and then his family's coming over at 4/4:30...I'm
gonna meet his Aunt and Uncle from the Philippines and I'll
see William again! We're planning for something even
better for the week after he gets back from vacation!

Meredith called me, so that was cool, we caught up on each
others lives...I'm supposed to call her Sunday so hopefully
we can hang out.

What else, what else? Oh my aunt came over with the third
basket but it was too big so now we still have to finish
that....But she stayed around until late so we didn't have
dinner until 9!...And then I just cleaned downstairs in my
room...of course I gotta do it all cuz my sister never
thinks to clean! Shesh.

Now I'm online with my baby! =-) I'm so not looking
forward to class tomorrow!..Ugh...