more human than human
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2002-05-23 03:52:59 (UTC)

Who suffers?

I sit here and I wonder
Who would really suffer
In this situation;
Its my own confrontation
Many say they'd feel
Horrible and surreal
If I were to leave town
Life'd turn upsidedown
But sometimes I want to let go
My head's running to and fro
I have nowhere that I can turn
I slowly feel my heart burn
I want to leave this all
Let myself go and just fall
Into some peaceful abyss
What do I care if I'm missed?
People see me sit and try
To smile when I want to cry
No one seems to understand
I'm not happy, but this slight of hand
Has left them blind to my true thoughts
I want things that I shouldn't want
I want the world just to stop,
For one single day, or I will pop,
I'm tired of struggle, tired of war,
I want to go to someplace far
Away where no one thinks to look
A field, with a gentle brook,
Alone with thoughts, but friends nearby
Incase I need a shoulder to cry,
Let me go, I need my time
I'm not in a good state of mind.

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