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2002-05-23 03:29:38 (UTC)

All alone

I have searched high and low, looked way down deep, and
even inspected those who I would never have thought about.
After all this thinking and research, I have discovered
that I am all alone. I cannot find a single friend that is
my true best friend. Not even Lauren. Lauren considers
Kristine her best friend. It seems obvious that I am second
best. And though this may sound juvenile, I can't stand
being second best right now. I need someone to care that I
am in pain. I need someone anyone to just give me a really
good hug, and mean it. I will be more than willing to give
him/her as many hugs and time and anything else they need.
It just hurts so much. I guess it would be nice to have a
boyfriend. They are great. They buy flowers and hug and
kiss you, tell you how beautiful you are. That makes me
feel great, but I would settle for just a good friend.