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2002-05-23 02:56:20 (UTC)

Indecent Proposal

Ash you know all about what katie told me. She still cares,
she applogised, she told me evething I would ever want to
hear from her .......and more. But that was not all she
told me she wanted to get back together with me,
eveuntualy, what ever that means. OMG Ash this has racked my
brain since the dawn of man, and for any of you new readers
yes, its the same kaite from the earliers entires. I realy
have no clue what to do. She called me tonight, and offered
to take me out to dinner on my birthday, irronicaly its the
same place we went for our 1st month anniversery. I dont
know what shes gonna say when were all alone, I dont know
whats gonna happen, and latley I dont knwo how much control
I have left in me, im becoming more and more hostile, and
shes a smart girl, if she wants me she knows how to get me.
Vixen games, everyones playing them, and plans with Bridget
are canceled on my birthday, I never knew untill last night
she was not so innocent, I am starting to learn I realy
don't know a lot of people as well as I think I do.