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2002-05-23 02:49:05 (UTC)

Fast Times At Drop-Out High

"Alone at last, just nostalgia and I, we were sure to have
a blast..." - The Ataris.

Something ironic happened today, I was sitiing in the caf
first period (my spare) studying for a math test...then
they say we have an assembly for the grade 12's. So
everybody comes in the caf, I put my books away to be a
nice little student. Then this guy comes in and starts
talking about study habits and making something of our
lives, and going to college...blah blah blah...and the
whole time he's going on about the importance of studying I
was LOOSING valuable study time. Does anybody else see
something wrong with this picture???

Ohh and I watched The Breakfast Club today, I love that
movie, i've seen it a bazillion times. Yay!

Thats was just another typical day. I hate typical.