2001-06-11 02:40:08 (UTC)

This weekend

Friday was the first day of our summer vacation from
school. YEAH we are now juniors!!!!! Any ways as always
we went to Cedar Point with marching band and again I was
the only Flag to go so I recruited 2 band mates to twirl
with me. After that was done we were walking in a huge
group w/ like 12 people. it was fine at first then someone
started to have an attitude problem and she started acting
all bitchy and i really didn't appriciatate it. so she
started acting two-faced for like the millionth time in her
life and i was sick of it so we got in line w/o her and
then here she comes "come back here so you can be w/ us" so
i'm like whatever where are the people we waited for and
she's like why does everyone have an attitude problem when
really she was the one w/ the attitude so i called her on
it like on bri you can have an attitude but when someone
else gets one you have a whole big problem..... so she got
out of the line and left to be w/ the boy that, that
morning she said she hated and would never forgive so i'm
like whatever and not really caring. so we go on and have a
great time at the park w/o her and i rode home on the bus
w/ addam. the day was perfect. it was like 77 degrees and
not a cloud in the sky. we went on the beach and played in
the sand and in the lake. it was just sooooo beautiful.
the sunset was also gorgeous the sky was just soooo many
different colors it was perfect.
I wake up on Saturday w/ the worst sunburn i ever had. i
didn't even want to take a shower. so i spent almost
allday in pajamas and then my parents left so i took the
car and went to burger king and picked up my friend
sanithia who slept over we had fun and i talked to aj the
jerk for like 2 1/2 hrs it was quite amusing. we went to
sleep after the hockey game went off and i was mad b/c new
jersey loss and they were my team. but it's all good.
On sunday domonique called and made us go to the mall w/
her and i hate shopping so we went to the mall and to her
friends graduation party. i came back home and took a nap
and then we went to the park and went on a nature hike w/
mahoney. we had some ice cream and came home. i then find
out my almost boyfriend aj the jerk said he likes
everything about me except my face. ha ha very funny
asshole. and i found out that bri broke up w/ her very cute
and nice boyfriend charlie so i think i'm going to have to
call him up one day and say wazzup!!! ;)~ so now my parents
are having there usual fight about what time my sisters are
supposed to be home. one went to a club and the other to a
concert i soooooo wanted to go to but it's all gravey i
hope she had fun and is going to tell me all about it. I
have nothing to do tomorrow then i leave for cheerleading
camp on tuesday morning...time to be PERKY YEA (probably
not) well goodnite.