Me and X
2002-05-23 01:55:56 (UTC)

New Dress

X called me today at work and really made my day...
Apparently he called me yesturday but my co-workers werent
able to get me to the phone. It felt really good to hear
him.. and though he sounded sad with our situation......
he didnt seem angry with me.... he just seemed pretty sad
as well as happy to hear from me.

This evening since my dad went to Canada for the
night...... My mom and I went to a restaurant and then we
went and shopped at the GAP and Old Navy..... It was nice
to get some clothes.. I got a dress that all I can think of
was... boy X would love this on me.. Seeing me look good
in this cute little dress made me feel better about
myself.. Now I need to start tanning.. my legs havent seen
hte light of day in years.

Do I sound depressed recently? Am I okay? I just want to
see him sooooooo badly.