This is the diary of Lil Shorty
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2001-06-11 02:31:48 (UTC)

Havent a clue

This weekend sucked big time. It all started Friday It
was gonnna just be one of those days u could tell when u
woke up that was gonna suck. My boyfriend ignored me all
day and when that happens he useully calls and dumps me
lata that night but he didnt he didnt even call me i was so
mad i think i called him a totally of ummmm well alot of
times i guess, then that night i called up all my friends
and no one i repeat no one could come over adn i was even
more mad. Thenn Saturday i was stuck home all day cleaning
then ha;f way through the day AL came over which was fun we
didnt do much jus walked to the FRANKLIN TRADING POST and
got some food and drinks. then waited fo my mom to come
and get us. I saw 2 of my friends well only 1 of them is
my friend cause i berly knew the other one but they both go
to my school (BJ AND DEREK) then they left and then a
while later mom came, then that night we went to Jordens
and saw Charle he was acting weird and was like oh i miss
hanging out with u guys and i cant anymore cause of my GF.
That was really weird cause i didnt think he liked me that
much. After that we went to WALLY WORLD(wal mart) it was
ok besides the fact that the stupid securty guard fallows
me around when ever i go there, and i dont know why. Lets
see i think i bought a set of fake nails and decalls for
them, thats all i got in there but i wanted to get the BOB
i would do anything for it. Bobo marley is the man he is
so kewl. Then today me, AL mom and some lady we had to
drop off at the air port went to BANGOR. After we droped
the lady off we went to TJ MAX thats me fav store i love it
i got a new pathing suit its so kewl it green and kewl and
glittery and kewl. Then we went to a second hand store and
i bought zebra striped skirt its kewl too. I guess my
weekend was ok but its just that i was worrying about sam
the whole weekend and he didnt thinkto maybe call me the
whole time. I talked to him a little whilea ago he finally
called me back his excuse for not callinh me ws that he
wsnt home all weekend and didnt have time well i am his GF
i think he could have made time, and he said he loves me
and doesnt want to break up i was like WHATEVER DUDE WE
HAVE TO TALK TOMARROW. so i kinda cant wait to "talk" huh
yea talk no yelling at all to him tomarrow. I was talking
to my friends Terry and martine they r really kewl. i
think i was talking to terry most of the time i dont know
it kinda got confusing a while there. but i like talking
to them when i am in a pissy mood cause the always cheer me
up and make me smile. HEY and if they read this HIII cause
i told u guys u could. Like I told terry nothing that
interesting happens anyways in my life so u guys will be
board if u read this geeesh and if ya made it this far i am
surprised. But this will mostly be about sam (my BF). I
dont know what to do i really love him but he just seemd
that he is losing interest in me. I mean he always ditches
me when ever there is something better to do he doesnt kare
at all bout what my plans are, and he never talks to me at
school. All my friends like Tim and Josh r like gosh r u
and him still going out u hardly ever talk anymore. Thats
bad if they even think we arent goin out cause theyr like
his bets friends, and mine. I love him dearly but i think
iam to young to be getting into this much of a seriuos
relationship yet. I care for him alot but summer is coming
and that means ya know SUMMER BOYS and SUMMER FLINGS they r
the best plus iam goin to West Palm beach in the first 2
weeks of Aug so i eam n what fun am i gointo have there in
the summer if i cant flirt with the guys. Oh well Guess i
got to go now bye. Oh yea i learned a new way to say BYE
just say 1 thats all just 1. SO 1
Sincerly Alicia
P.S Terry and maritni feel free to write in this back to
me if ya want to i can be like our little way of talking
besides in the MSN thingy ok BYE BYE love fo all of ya. 1

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