2002-05-23 01:30:41 (UTC)

Just to tell something to Laura.

Hi diary people!
Well just writing on here for a reason. For Laura.
She keeps asking me if I have written on this thing and I
keep telling her no but now the answer is going to be
different! :) Well I know Laura is reading this.
HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LAURA!! Shes my love! :) Hope you can
answer this diary soon. I hope your having a great day! :)
Um, lets see..hope we get a good grade on or project.
Um....I love you. And
um....hi! So well talk to
you later in fourth period. Muah! Love you! Wait, damn
this diary entry is short as hell. Ok um let me see to put
in more stuff in here. Ok well to make things clear, Laura,
you are my lover and Im sorry that you caught me cheating
with Charlotte! Ok, then, how shall I make it up to you?
You told me this in my message thing so how can I? ;) lol!
Ok well Im going to go and chat. Byebye Laura!


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