J's Online Life
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2001-06-11 02:00:18 (UTC)

movies and video games

Hey well didnt do anythin much today as usual...emailed a
couple of friends, watched partly of "Dudley Do Right"
and "Greedy". Played Mario Party 3, its real fun...then
decided to play a joke on our cuzin while he was fixin his
car. hmm...what else................oh i never
mind i forgot........i told u there's nuttin to say. oh i
miss my fwends specially seth (hehe) cant wait till my bro
comes here and cant wait till nsync's tour on july and of
course cant wait till my birthday! man, there's no one on!
I guess this one will have to be this short...again there's
nuttin to say...oh i forgot didnt get to do the grilling
yesterday because of the storm but we had a very good lunch.
K well now im outie...b-bai!

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