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2002-05-23 00:51:33 (UTC)

Not Coming

Ethans not coming...::sniff:: ::sniff::

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i HATE chem labs, i've been staring at this lab for 20
minutes and haven't even gotten past the first
calculation/question. stupid kadamani. ;)

look at how perfectly this quote fits me:

I'm starting to fashion an idea in my head where I would
impress you with every single word I said. Would come out
insightful or brave or smooth or charming and you'd want to
call me and I would be there every time you'd need me I'd
be there every time. But for now I'll look so longingly
waiting for you to want me, for you need me, for you to
notice me.

I love, love, love it!!!


B told me today that david belsky likes me and that i'm
only leading him on by flirting with him so much. he's such
a good friend to me, and i really hope he doesn't like me,
cuz i use him for, like, advice from a male perspective,
telling him about ben and ethan and stuff. she said that im
all he talks about, and that i should at least give him
some ass. i can't really imagine giving him any though,
he's just...he's......he's david. but i feel bad, cuz i
have a very flirty personality with most guys. i dunno.
heather, melissa, anyone else reading this -- got any
advice for me???

[i] [w a n t] [h i m]
[t o] [w a n t] [m e]
[l i k e] [i]
[w a n t] [h i m]
[s o] [i] [c a n]
[r i p] [h i s] [h e a r t] [o u t]
[a n d] [s t o m p] [i t]
[t o] [m i c r o s c o p i c] [p i e c e s]
[l i k e] [h e] [d i d] [t o] [m e]