Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2002-05-23 00:26:21 (UTC)

See my days...

Tomorrow is year book distrabution day, also know as
spring fling. Not only is there that and the awards
assembly that i work tech on, there is also marching band,
and I want to stay after and work on my senior show case.
There is so much to do, and not a whole hell of alot of

Yeah, well my plans for this weekend dropped out
(BECKY!!!) because we dont have the $ for gas, so I am
going to sit at home all weekend, but thats okay, because
that means that I get to rest.

Friday is the senior trip, to Canada's Wonderland.
WooHoo, I am going to get wet in Canada!! YAY!! Ha! Emmy
and I are going to be the only cool people on our bus full
of preppies! AGH!!

Thats about it for now... I must go, and try to get
ahold of Matthew to find out about some "stuff", thanks