American Spirit
2001-06-11 01:45:16 (UTC)

A space for myself and you

I want to create a space for myself and you where we can
live apart and together both at the same time. I want to
find a way to live our seprate lives on the same path and
still live them our own way. I want you to be near enough
to hold but far enough for you to see things from the
outside. I want to be that for you as well. I want your
subjective being and objective mind. I want to see you
more and have to hear from you less. And i want you to be
happy. I want to know what to say and when to say it. I
want to make a world for you and me where we can fly and
dive and run through fields and sleep in the arms of
trees. I want to hear your voice and speak your name and
be everything you agree with and then dissagree with. I
want to argue with you so we can make it better, and i want
you to tell me when i am wrong. I want to comfort to hold,
to dance, to dream with you. not of you. I want to play
and fight and rest and write and think with you. I want to
fall in and out of love with you beside me. I want to
endure hardships and struggles and cold and hate, i don't
want safety yet. But i want to be unsafe with you. I want
to save you from me and you. I want you to save me from
you and me. I want you and me to be everything we ever
wanted. Can i ask does this make sense? Does any of it
make sense?