U think u know, but u have no Idea
2002-05-22 23:47:20 (UTC)

Field day was the SHIZNIT!!!

OMG, today was freakin' awsome. It was feild day, and since
I'm in the 8th grade it's my last. Well I won my race (the
200 vs Jess and cailtin) and I won the senior relay(the
fastest kids in your grade race each other, Red VS Grey)
but here is the best part.......PAUL AND BECK(jeff). Well
today I Was chillin w/ franklin in the long jump, and he
was being really nice, but making fun of the people jumping
(I was laughing of course) then he kept saying go GREY, and
i was like GO RED!, and we kept winning, and when the grey
finnally won a relay he was like what jonhson What!!!!(he
has a nick name for me..tear) then jeff beck came, and he
was totally staring at me,like kiki noticed too, it was
beautiful. Jeff beck is a senior at the upperschool, he
plays foot ball really well,but thats like all I know about
him......and that he is really really hott,lol. But anyway
he kept staring at me(he knows who I am, don't know y,hehe)
and then I was streatching,and I did the spilts(OH YEAH
DANCE 10 YEARS!!) and he looked around paul to see me, adn
then said something to paul then paul turned around and
looked at me, then they like stared for 5 seconds, then
tured back around and started talking again.....heehee.
Well after that paul ran a relay for fun,and his hat came
off, and I got it for him, and he was leaning on his knees
cuz he was tired, and I put his hat on his head and he was
smiling at me, and I put it on the way he always wears it,
and I started rubbing his back and he was like smiling, and
I was liek good job, and he was like thanks, then I was
like hmm ok, I have thrown my self at him enough today,lol
soI walked away.But then when I was talking to people, jeff
beck was like staring at me(like he was b4) and I decided
to talk to him,and I was like "were u a red" and he was
like yeah, and he stuck out his hand for what I thought was
a high five, but he held onto my hand, and was like looking
me in the eye and smiling(I was a lil creeped out,lol) and
I was just like yeah........ AHHHHHHHHH TODAY WAS GREAT..
wait heres the best part, as paul was leaving he was like
said something to (from his car) and then hooted (liek at
me) I got soo excited I dropped my lollypop,hehe
well diary, I gotta study for my MATH FINAL......AHHHHHHHHHH
MJ aka Meaghan

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