El Diablo
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2002-05-22 21:58:14 (UTC)

interesting turn of events...

Dear Diary,
I chatted with her again today. And again she says that she
loved me. How can you say that you love someone who you’ve
only seen in a picture and never even spoken to? I haven’t
replied to her yet bcuz I don’t want to break her heart. I
know how she feels. I have been thru those feelings too.
Young, confused and is just looking for someone to call her
own. What she dosent realize is that she must not let her
heart cloud her mind. You may fall in love many times in
your life but you find your true love only once. Just bcuz
someone says all the right things at the right time and
finally says that “he loves you” dosent mean that he is the
one! You realize that you are in love when you want to be
with that someone regardless of what the world says about
him or her or them together. Its when you finally have the
guts to say “no! I am not going to listen to anyone except
my heart (after it has had therapy sessions from the mind
ofcourse). And I am willing to leave the world behind me
for him” sure ……a person who knows what to say and how to
say it at the right time definitely has a good future … he
has the talent to convince you. But he should not be judged
so quickly.
When you are in love, what others say does not matter. How
do you identify your love from your true love?? Simple…your
love would say that he loves you and would fight the world
to win you over but your true love would do it… even after
you ask him not to.
I like to chat with this girl. But what do I say when she
gets all mushy? The last time I just excused myself and
blocked her….but cant do that always. I guess I will just
have to wait and see what comes out of it.


El Diablo