my pathetic life
2002-05-22 21:22:18 (UTC)


well let me just start off my saying sorry for my last
entry. i was really angry if u couldnt tell already.

well i had to confess something. i thought i would tell you
people since you dont know me and well i just needed to say
this. i make myself sick, im starting to obsess about the
guitarist from this band marigold. i finally found his
name, its matt. which is kinda weird for me cuz my bro's
name it matt but not important. i woke up around 5:30 this
morning and couldnt make myself go back to sleep cuz i kept
thinking about him. making up false realities in my head.
im like a fucking pervert stalker. my friends band was
supposed to play with mairgold, i told him to make friends
with matt and set me up with him. ive got to quit this,
next show (which is in a couple weeks) im going to talk to
him and tell him i think hes hot. yup then maybe i wont be
this perverted stalker anymore....hmmm maybe....

"hear my cry, I beg, I plead, I pray. I’ll walk into the
flame, a calculated risk to further bless your name"