Randi Lynn

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2002-05-22 20:34:07 (UTC)

I think someones spreading a..

I think someones spreading a rumor about me, I walked into
my art class and this guy looks at me and says :Arent you
that girl that kissed that othe girl?" and i go "uhh...No,
I never kissed a girl" and he goes "Dont you have a
girlfriend..?" and i go "Ummmm....No" and he left it at
that, after mumbling things to himself. So i dont know
where that came from, but i think its a rumor..kinda makes
me mad. I think matt told me his middle name was Murphy or
Murry, or Marie, but if he said it was marie he was kidding. I love
matt. He's so nice. I had a dream about him last night...Nothing
dirty..But when i woke up to my cat crying cuz it wants to go
outside, I was thinking it was true and i was like real happy..and
then it hit me it wasent real and i was like "Damnit.." anyway im too
lay to type anything els,e mabey later