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life of a porn star
2001-06-10 23:54:53 (UTC)

this weekend

hi welcome to my ever so entertaining diary. try not to fall asleep
bc nothing ever happens to me anymore. well my name is stephanie and
i am 17 years old. i go to mt st mary academy, which is an all girls
school, it sucks but all of my cool friends are there. i am single
and i am tired of guys for now because they mess with my head whether
thay mean to or not. so i am as happy as can be expected for the time

this weekend was ok i guess. on friday i went out to eat
with my girls and then they all came to my house. then we
all went to my friend cara's dance recital which was really
cute. then on saturday i worked and babysat. then today i
worked and here i am now. exams are comming up and if i
make it through the next two weeks everything will be ok
for the first time in forever. this has definitely been the
worst year of my life and as soon as it ends i am going to
cape cod where i can relax. also the day of my last exam i
am going to darien lake with my friends as a good bye party
for my friend charlotte who is moving back to germany. i
cant belive how dull my life sounds when i know that people
might read this-sigh more later