just a normal life
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2002-05-22 20:21:12 (UTC)

I tried to make it good!

Well hey! This morning I woke up with all intentions of
making today i wonderful end to my freshman year! I was
doing a pretty good job of that until i got into my first
hour class! Well when i was walking through the hall ju
gave me a note soo when i got in the room i sat down before
the bell had rung and started reading it... Yea that ended
my good day...
Hey grl! Ok.. I really don't want you to be mad
but last night I was talking to ricky and hes like do you
and mandy wanna come over sat.? I was like sure but what
about sam? I think she might get mad and he was like no she
won't, she has a bf. I really hope you aren't mad! I figure
u can do something with Erik... right? I'm so sorry! I
tried! I relly did! I'm so sorry! If you are mad please
tell me and I will do soemthing! I am soo sorry! Please
don't be mad @ meor ricky! And don't fell like we aren't
going to invite you anywhere anymore becuz we will trust
me! Its just rickys place so ya know. I'm so so so sorry!
you re still my bestest friend in the whole wide world but
it wasn't my choice! I luv ya grly! Maybe you n Erik can
get a lil smooch-a-rew! haha i got that from Even Stevens
yesterday! Today I look at my belly button and it had some
green gunk, so i dono't think you are the only ne deary!
I'm all pink today oink shoes, pink shirt, pink rings, pink
underwear. lol! awww ya! Well I'm gonna go! Please odn't be
mad @ me! have a magnificently lovely day! lylas 4 eva!
lata grly!
-Your bestest bud-

I guess that at first i was sorta mad at her and ricky and
then i was like thinking about it allllll day.. and i guess
i realized by like lunch time that i'm really not mad at
anyone cuz its not like i have a reason to be... its just
that i want to know why i'm not being invited... and it
just sorta makes me mad becuz a few weeks ago ju was gettin
mad at me cuz she said that i was treating her differently
just cuz i had a boyfriend ((so not true.. however that day
she was really gettin on my nerves so i wasn't prolly as
nice as i tend to be.. but not cuz i had a boyfriend!)) and
so now its like shes treating me differently... O sam has a
bf so she shouldn't care.. she can just go run to him to
mke her feel better... and the things is that erik really
doesn't know alll that much about my friends and my life
cuz i don't see him everyday since he lives in morton...
and i don't really run to him with my friendship problems.
but hey i kinda realized throughout the day that i do have
other friends... and although this is something that kinda
struck home and really sorta hurt me i'll get over it
eventually... or just push it to the back... i'm a lil baby
so things get to me that i shouldn't let get to me. oook
well i also didn't realize that they were gonna try n hook
mandy up with one of rickys friends... but either way its
not like i'ma be in the way of that... they know i'm not
single... gosh i don't know watever! lol and then i kept
hearing ppl today telling me that for some reason ju was
mad at me cuz i lied to her??? and then someone told me the
whole story and it dones't even make sense! I dind't lie to
her! what she thought i told her is wat i told her and is
the truth! I just can't stand itright now! lol and i hafta
majorly study for finals tom!!! omg thats gonna be scary!
so i better go! bye

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